Black Ops 2 in-game Twitch broadcasting enabled on Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in-game broadcasting is now live on Xbox 360.

It’s coming soon to PC and PlayStation 3, but Activision and Twitch failed to mention Wii U in their joint announcement this afternoon.

The new feature means you can broadcast your gameplay directly to your Twitch channel from within the game itself without the need for additional hardware or software.

Twitch said Black Ops 2 has consistently been one of the most popular games on its video streaming service since it launched in November, so the partnership makes sense.

To broadcast, connect to your Twitch account from within the game and go ahead and go. If you want to show the world your face it’s webcam enabled for picture-in-picture broadcasting with Kinect. You can share your live feed to Facebook and Twitter, too, if it takes your fancy. A video tutorial is below.

At Gamescom in August Treyarch design director David Vonderhaar told Eurogamer Black Ops 2’s live streaming performance issues, if there are any, will be the result of player bandwidth and not the game itself.
“It doesn’t have a lot of negative at all right now,” he said. “This is why it has to be in League Play, because the League Play networking is set up for it.

“Look, you can’t catch me saying never, because there’s one thing I don’t have in our control, and that’s your bandwidth. If I said to you, no, it’s never going to have any performance implications and then you don’t have enough bandwidth to actually upstream, that wouldn’t be a fair thing to say.

“But it’s not having any game impact. That’s a really important part, and that’s measurable, and we know that.

“For an average gamer, he doesn’t necessarily understand and know the difference between when the game is performing well because of the game or because of something on the networking side. It’s a rough thing to square up for people. So I say, we live stream all the time. We’re testing and we’re evaluating the performance on the game all the time. It’s not having a negative impact on the game. But we also have lots of bandwidth.”

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II – Revolution review – map attack – Metro

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II – Revolution (360) – blessed is the Peacemaker SMG

There are certain words and phrases that constantly turn up in game titles, and particularly subtitles. Whether it’s Revelations, Revenge, or Destiny the words have lost their meaning through overuse, but we still think calling anything a Revolution is unwise unless it genuinely is. This new map pack certainly isn’t, and yet most fans won’t see that as a negative.

The name Revolution seems particularly odd given that this deviates only very slightly from the standard contents of a Call Of Duty map pack. You get the expected four multiplayer maps, but you also get a new weapon and a new Zombies map and game mode. It’s still not quite enough to make the asking price seem like a bargain, but it’s slightly more generous than normal.

What’s also business as usual is that this has come out on Xbox 360 first, although since Call Of Duty Elite is now available for free at least it hasn’t got that second level of irritating exclusivity. Activision hasn’t said when Revolution will be released for the other formats, but the usual schedule would put it at the end of February.

The four multiplayer maps are named Hydro, Mirage, Grind, and Downhill, while the new weapon is called the Peacekeeper SMG. This has the fire rate of a submachine gun with the range and power of an assault rifle, which really doesn’t seem quite fair. Whether it will unbalance matches only time will tell, but it certainly seems to take away from the Noob Tube as the beginner’s weapon of choice.

Hydro is set around a dam which regularly floods down the middle with water – killing anyone standing in the way. The map itself is almost symmetrical and so is a quick one to learn, maintaining its fast pace throughout. It’s also designed to be fairly anti-sniper, so setting up shop waiting for everyone to run away from the water doesn’t really work.

Mirage is set in a sand dune-filled hotel in Dubai, although whether this is a purposeful reference to Spec Ops: The Line we’re not sure. It’s the smallest of the four maps and is the complete opposite of Hydro, with a completely asymmetrical layout that has a crashed bus and narrow corridor on one side and a large open plan pool on the other.

Grind is set in a skate park, which doesn’t seem a very likely location for an anti-terrorist battle – unless they’re supposed to be trying to wreak bloody revenge on Activision for Tony Hawk: Shred. As odd as the idea sounds this is probably the best of the four maps, with the sloped edges and unusual architecture forcing you to rethink how you approach every corner and when you can consider yourself safe.

Downhill is set in the French Alps and is another gimmick map, as it features moving cable cars that can run over and kill an unwary soldier. They’re slow enough that they can also be used as mobile cover but they still don’t really add enough novelty to what is, visually at least, the least distinctive of the maps. It is one of the biggest though and plays a good game of Capture The Flag.

Die Rise is the fifth map, but it’s for use with Zombies only. It’s probably the hardest Zombies map ever, filled with bottomless drops that kill you instantly and narrow, one way corridors. Surviving on your own is almost impossible and yet the map does its level best to separate you from your comrades. You’ll need a dedicated and experienced team to get anywhere on it, but as a downloadable extra the difficultly level seems appropriate.

As an acknowledgement of the map’s difficulties Revolution also introduces a new Zombies mode called Turned. Although much is made of the fact that you get to play as zombies for the first time it’s a bit of a half-hearted effort. It’s basically just a game of ‘It’ (or Tag or whatever you used to call it), with one person playing as a heavily-armed human and the other four playing as the undead.

If you kill the human you get to play as them next time, with the winner being the one that played as a human the longest. Since zombies are unarmed this isn’t nearly as much fun as might have been hoped, especially as the only map you can play on is so small.

As a whole Revolution is an uncontroversial but generally worthwhile download. It’s not in the slightest bit essential, but if you do want more maps for Black Ops II then these are all pretty good ones.

Although there are a few minor twists it all feels merely like the extras in a director’s cut, new features that neither enhance nor detract from the original – but merely add to its volume. That’s the way it’s always been for Call Of Duty map packs and despite its name Revolution is the last thing to buck any trends.

In Short: There’s nothing even slightly revolutionary here, but five decent new maps – including one for Zombies – is perfectly welcome anyway.

Pros: All of the maps are at least above average and Grind is exceptional. Die Rise is very difficult but perfect for Zombies veterans.

Cons: Turned is a disappointment and offers only an hour or two of novelty. The Peacemaker SMG could unbalance the gameplay.

Score: 7/10

Formats: Xbox 360 (reviewed), PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC
Price: 1,200 Microsoft Points/£10.28
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Release Date: 29th January 2013 (non-360 TBC)
Age Rating: 18

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First Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP Weekend Event Announced

Revolution + Peacekeeper = Double Weapon XP
Along with today’s release of Black Ops 2′s first DLC pack ‘Revolution’ on Xbox 360, Treyarch has updated the message of the day on the system to announce an upcoming weekend event.

“Starting on Friday, Feb 1st (10 am/PST) and going through Monday, Feb 4th (10 am/PST) you will earn Double Weapon XP on all weapons. Double XP allows to level up and unlock attachments at twice the usual rate,” posted Treyarch earlier today.

The message has only appeared on Xbox 360 at the time of writing. However, this event is to celebrate the new DLC released, so PS3 and PC owners can expect similar event once Revolution hits next month.


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‘Black Ops 2’ gets major patch on Xbox 360

Black Ops 2 for Xbox 360 has received a major patch.Treyarch‘s latest update for the military shooter adds a host of new features to improve online play, as well as bug fixes and gameplay balancing.

Headline features include Live Streaming in all Public Match playlists, new Combat Summary and Medals pages in the Combat Record and a Cumulative Daily Pool to replace the Weekly Pool in League Play.

The HUD threshold for the ‘low health’ overlay has been lowered to increase players’ awareness of impending death, and players’ League Best from season 1 has been added to their Player Card, meaning scores will span all seasons.

A number of bugs and glitches have been ironed out in the latest update and measures have been taken to improve gameplay balance.

A full list of the update’s features is available on the Activision Community Forum.

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Black Ops 2 retakes top spot as Devil May Cry falls in UK charts

This week’s UK charts feature a very familiar face at the summt. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the country’s best-selling game of last year, is back on top for the first time in 2013 thanks to a 20 percent bump in sales from the previous week. It ain’t done yet, nosiree.

Despite it being a relatively quiet January – Ni No Kuni doesn’t arrive in Europe until February 1 – DmC: Devil May Cry wasn’t able to retain top spot this week. Ninja Theory’s reboot fell from grace to No. 4 after a 64 percent drop in sales. Meanwhile, Assassin’s Creed 3 went on a climb up to No. 5, ascending on the back of promotional discounts.

Otherwise it’s the same ten games doing the limbo, lazily relaxing backs and limply looking over shoulders as they wait for the big hitters of February and March to take to the dance floor. You can boogie on past the break for the UK top ten.

Top 10 UK Software Sales (All Formats); week ending January 26:

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  2. FIFA 13
  3. Far Cry 3
  4. DmC: Devil May Cry
  5. Assassin’s Creed 3
  6. Need for Speed Most Wanted
  7. Just Dance 4
  8. Football Manager 2013
  9. Skyrim
  10. Hitman Absolution

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