‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ Wii U game update coming tomorrow


Treyarch informed players today that the Wii U version of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” will be receiving an update scheduled for the middle of the day tomorrow. This is likely due to the network issues the game has been experiencing with the multiplayer and zombie mode connectivity problems for the Wii U.

The developer first mentioned issues with the Wii U version of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” last yesterday when Treyarch announced they were looking into the problems on their Twitter account and then an official statement was posted on the “Call of Duty”community forums.

There is no word at this time if tomorrow’s update will only address these network issues or if additional game changes will be pushed through.

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The People Who Created Call of Duty Imply We’ll See Their Next Game At E3


Vince Zampella, one of the studio heads of Respawn Entertainment, says his team will “be” at E3 this year, presumably showing off whatever kind of game you make next after you make Call of Duty the biggest thing going.

We scoff at most announcements of announcements, but this is a special one. After all, one of the most successful groups of game developers of all time is returning to the public eye after a three-year absence.

Zampella and Respawn’s other boss Jason West worked on EA’s once-popular Medal of Honor military shooter series before founding Infinity Ward and turning Call of Duty into a juggernaut for rival Activision. Remember Call of Duty II back at the launch of the Xbox 360? That was them. Remember Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare and its now industry-standard unlock-based multiplayer system? Them too. Remember that “No Russian” level in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2? Them.

Zampella and West were fired from Activision in the spring of 2010, as allegations flew in both directions. Activision claimed the duo were insubordinate and plotting to jump to EA. Employees at Infinity Ward complained that Activision was holding out on payments. Most of Infinity Ward left to support Zampella and West, taking jobs at the pair’s newly-formed studio, Respawn. That studio inked a deal with EA for their first game but next to nothing has been heard from Respawn since. All parties have settled their lawsuits since then, leaving the game developers to focus on making games.

What in the world has Respawn been working on for the last three years? Probably a shooter, but you never know. Looks like we’ll find out by E3, which happens on the week of June 10. The image up top? It’s a blurry hint at what Respawn might have been working on back in late 2011. Things should come into focus more clearly soon.

I’ve reached out to Zampella for clarification on what Respawn might have cooking for E3.


Zampella adds:

EA Tweets:

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Black Ops 2 New Zombie Map Loading Screen Leaked

An apparent leak for one of gaming’s most prevalent entities hit the web earlier today, as a loading screen for Call of Duty: Black Ops II was prematurely published. However, the images have since gone under much scrutiny. Generally with leaks – in this day and age – there is a lot more to go off of, and what has been collected so far is comprised of only a second of gameplay footage and this loading screen image.

Whether the information is true or not, the map is called “Bridging the Gap.” Many people say this is simply recently published downloadable content map “Die Rise,” seen through hazy glasses.
Though the discussion surrounding this reveal is large, there isn’t any evidence or opinion to suggest that this might indeed be a real, upcoming addition to the Call of Duty universe. Furthermore, it’s been almost 24 hours and Treyarch hasn’t “bridged the gap” on this, which is just more reason to believe that this is an inconsequential part of Black Ops II history.

black ops 2 zombie leak

We might all be wrong. Once the work week kicks in tomorrow, perhaps Treyarch will speak on the issue and any doubts or hopes will be laid to rest. It just seems farfetched that a month after Treyarch published downloadable content in the form of maps that they would start talking about even more of them.

What do you think? Is there some modicum of truth here, or is it another rumor lost to the mill? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Activision’s CEO discusses the future of Call of Duty

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Launch Party - ShowEric Hirshberg has been at the helm of Activision Publishing since 2010, ever since stepping into the video game business from the advertising world. Hirshberg has overseen what has become an annual $1 billion launch of a new Call of Duty game every year, a streak which began when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reached that milestone in 2009, and the franchise hasn’t slowed down since. He’s also watched as Skylanders captivated both the toy industry and gaming world with dozens of action figures and a pair of hit games (with a third on the way). And now with the first details of Bungie’s Destiny now revealed, Hirshberg took some time to address some key issues that Activision and the game industry will be facing in 2013 and beyond as the next generation of consoles are just around the corner.


call-of-duty-logoAs each new Call of Duty Game has a longer life thanks to DLC and multiplayer, what are the challenges of keeping Call of Duty from oversaturating the market with annual Call of Duty releases?

So far I think we’ve found a very nice cadence with our Call of Duty community and the demand and the supply of new content is in a pretty good balance. The games have gotten increasingly long tails and people have shown a year-round appetite to keep playing multiplayer and for the new content that we release with DLC packs to enhance those experiences.

We’ve been able to have success with new games as long as they have big new innovations that have a big appeal to our fans. We’ve found the right cadence.

How involved is Activision in the making of the Call of Duty games and their direction verses the individual developers and what they want to do?

All of our developers who work on Call of Duty are part of the Activision family. Our developer community represents our largest employee population at Activision, so I don’t really see the distinction when you say how much has Activision been involved. We certainly have a great track record of giving our developers tremendous amounts of creative freedom to make the games they want to make.


“When you have the kind of successes that we’ve had with some of the other franchises it does free up your ability to invest behind something new that you really believe in.”

That said, when you have a franchise like Call of Duty, which has multiple developers on it, a lot of the stewardship is a brand. It becomes centralized and there are people who have been living with the brand and been part of creating the brand from the very beginning. There’s a lot of cross-pollination between people who work at a developer like Mark Lamia, who’s the head of Treyarch. He started in our production management group at Activision. And our current head of worldwide studios is a former head of Treyarch, so there’s a lot of musical chairs in terms of the talent that contributes to our games and it’s a very good, healthy creative collaboration.

Skylanders Giants Pop Fizz Toy on PortalWhat is the next step for Skylanders now that it has surpassed the $1 billion mark?

Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. Skylanders was built on delivering magic moments to young gamers and we think that our job is to deliver those content active moments with each new iteration. As long as we keep adding new ideas to keep it fresh, I think we’ll continue to be successful. Obviously, a billion dollars in revenue threshold is a wonderful milestone. We really feel like what we’re trying to do with Skylanders is build a meaningful and lasting franchise that will stand the test of time. The key to that is continued innovation and continued magic.

What freedom does having hits franchises like Call of Duty and Skylanders open up to Activision when it comes to taking risks on original IPs?

Activision is a very rigorous company and puts a lot of analysis and thought into the things that we venture into. Our strategy is to be very focused on doing a few things exceptionally well. We make those choices very carefully. That said, when you have the kind of successes that we’ve had with some of the other franchises it does free up your ability to invest behind something new that you really believe in.

If you look at Skylanders as an example of a success story, getting into the toy manufacturing business you’re going to have the technology of how to bring the toys to life and how to manufacture the portals and none of that was an inexpensive or casual endeavor. Obviously, that was funded by the company’s success in other areas and we were able to develop it and market it with a lot of impact. That’s the same kind of focus and approach that we’re going to try to bring to Bungie with Destiny.

With companies like Ubisoft expanding into films and Activision’s locale near Hollywood, what opportunities exist for Hollywood and transmedia for your IPs?

We certainly have those opportunities as we get approached all the time for things like bringing Call of Duty or Skylanders to other media. It’s just something that we approach very carefully. It’s something we have done before. We were doing episodic entertainment on Call of Duty Elite with “Friday Night Fights” and things like that. We have dabbled in it, but I think that we work at it from the standpoint that is this going to make the overall franchise stronger, is this going to add creative ideas that the games can’t. Our primary business is making great games and we want to make sure that we stay close on that and don’t mess anything up in the pursuit of making movies. If we do that, it’s going to be with the right partners, and at the right time, and for the right reason.

codonlineWhat opportunities do you see in the free-to-play gaming space today beyond the Chinese Call of Duty Online game?

That’s a big investment in the free-to-play space and a couple of our mobile games are also free to play and micro transaction based, so it’s something that we are doing on a case by case basis and learning about. The venture we’ve had in China is probably the biggest investment.

That being said, there are new business models that are disruptive and that are interesting. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a market for people purchasing our games and having a great time playing them and feeling like the game is a tremendous value for them. We’re doing free-to-play where we think it’s appropriate.

call-of-duty-black-ops-ii-wii-uWhat are your thoughts on the Wii U as a console so far?

We’re big supporters of Nintendo. We think they’re a great company and we’ve put a lot of games in their launch window for Wii U. It’s the beginning of the new console cycle and we hope that they’re successful with it.



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‘Black Ops 2’ gets 33 percent discount on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U


Amazon has updated their product page on Feb. 23 for the recently-released multiplatform title, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,” revealing a substantial discount. The online retailer is slashing 33 percent off of the official manufacturer’s suggested retail price tag. As a result, you can pick up the Nintendo Wii U, PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions for just $39.99 each. All of the products are also eligible for free shipping. The deal page from Amazon.com in the following link: “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”

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Black Ops 2 Free Weekend Launching Friday for PC


PC gamers will be able to try out Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer for no charge this weekend. Steam is hosting a free play event for the next three days.

Black Ops 2 depicts a near-future in which China and the United States are locked in a new Cold War. Players wield a number of cutting-edged gadgets microwave turrets and x-ray scopes. By racking up killstreaks, they can call in land or air drones.

The competitive multiplayer for Black Ops 2, as with other Call of Duty games, features a deep progression system. Players can unlock weapons, perks, and items by leveling up. A new “Pick 10” system allows players to customize their loadout in a number of ways.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 also includes a single-player campaign with new strategy-based Strike Force missions, and a branching storyline. The third pillar of the game is the co-op Zombies mode. Both of these sides of the game are inaccessible until you actually make a purchase, though.

Black Ops 2 will be free to play until Sunday at 1PM PST. During that time, the game has been marked down for 33% if you want to purchase the full game. The discount applies to both the standard and digital deluxe edition. The latter includes the Nuketown Zombies and Nuketown 2025 bonus maps, a copy of COD: World at War, BO2‘s soundtrack and several in-game items.

If you want to know more about the game before spending any time or money on it, check out our review from this fall.

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Activision confirms plans to support PS4 with ‘multiple blockbuster’ titles

ps4-event_0903Activision’s CEO was on stage at the PlayStation 2013 Meeting today, and there he confirmed that all of Activision’s major games are coming to the PlayStation 4. Activision confirmed that they will be providing a lot more info on these new titles in the coming months.

With a new Call of Duty game expected to launch later this year, it’s highly likely that that game will be coming to the PlayStation 4.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 is expected to launch in the Holiday season of this year.

The only game they confirmed today was Destiny. More info on that here.

SOURCE: PlayStation Meeting 2013

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Latest Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 update is utterly massive

By the gods, Activision/Treyarch, that’s an enormous Black Ops 2 patch you’ve rolled out there. Trying to compensate for something, perhaps? The lag, maybe? Burrrrrn. And possibly, zing.

Find full details of the update below the picture – it should be available now. She’s a monster, but she’s light on her feet – weighing in at only 39 MB, in fact. Has your own, personal cause for complaint been addressed?

Click to view larger image

Feature Improvements

Party Members now appear on the mini map as purple when colorblind assist is turned on. Added hint text tool tips for map voter buttons.

Multiplayer Issues Addressed

Resolved a known issue with stats resets caused by a failed save process, indicated by receiving a “Persistent Rank Data has been corrupted” error message. Further information can be found here on the Customer Support site.

Fixed an issue where players could lose functionality and have a blurry screen after viewing a Gamer Card during the round-ending killcam at the end of the first round of a round-based game.

Addressed an exploit where players could gain XP privately without matchmaking.

Addressed an issue where the player’s EMP grenade blast would cancel out the effects of an enemy’s EMP.

Players will no longer fly into the air when knife lunging other players on certain types of inclines.

Addressed multiple exploits where players could clip into and shoot from within certain areas on Downhill.

Fixed an issue with the Skulls Camo Challenge for the RPG unlocking by using other weapons in conjunction with the RPG.

Addressed an issue with taking control of an AGR while next to a friendly player causing loss of functionality for firing rockets.

Resolved an issue where spectating would default to 3rd person even though it had been disabled if the player was previously spectating in 3rd person.

Resolved an issue with dog spawns in Slums.

Fixed an issue joining Split Screen bot games in-progress when the host had altered party privacy settings.

Addressed an issue where players could not link their Twitch account in the Multiplayer Party Lobby Options menu.

Fixed an issue where the player may not die by the train running over them in Express.

Players in a Split Screen game can no longer access the MP Pause Menu during the round ending killcam, the final killcam, or after the game has ended.

Addressed an issue in the Split Screen Pause Menu where the Game Mode below the map was being cut off.

The System Link/LAN Party server list now sorts the available games by Host name.

Players can no longer set their Clan Tag in non-Public Match lobbies if they haven’t reached the unlock level for the Clan Tag feature.

Addressed an issue where the Expert Challenge Calling Card was not appearing for the Peacekeeper in the Combat Record after completing all the Peacekeeper challenges.

Players with Level 1 profiles will now see their XP bonus in the After Action Report after a League Play match.

Resolved an issue where the damage feedback sound was not occurring for the Combat Axe or cluster bomb from the Hellstorm Missile.

Addressed an issue where the UAV Scorestreak was not being called in for Multi-Team Hardcore matches.

Addressed an issue where the mini map for tablet Scorestreaks would not appear on the tablet under certain round transition conditions.

Resolved an issue with care packages bouncing unusually high.

Fixed an issue where players could not accept invites from the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

Addressed an issue where players with the Riot Shield could survive dog attacks while prone with the Riot Shield on their back.

Rapidly pressing the Swap Weapons button no longer inverts the player model’s left hand with the M8A1 equipped.

Resolved an issue where the lobby score for the winner of a Gun Game match didn’t match the ending score of the match.

Addressed an issue during rewind in Theater Mode where the waves in Hydro were jittering while the flood is occurring.

Fixed an issue in Downhill with the light effects on the gondolas not appearing after a Host Migration or round change.

Players can no longer get out of the map in Downhill by going prone and getting run over by the gondola in the station.

Dead bodies no longer float if the player dives to prone into a gondola just before getting hit by it.

Players can now earn the Thief Challenge if they use Black Hat to steal an enemy care package.

Resolved an issue where the Equipment statistics for the Smoke Grenade were not accurately reflecting in the Combat Record what was achieved in game.

Fixed an issue in Mirage where players could fall outside the map by diving to prone through a section of door on the Southeast side of the map.

Addressed an issue where players could get on top of a tent in Grind.

Fixed an issue in Grind where the player could see outside of the map.

Addressed exploits where the Dragonfire could get under the map in Mirage and Hydro.

Gameplay Balancing

Reduced the red flash damage indicator when using the Toughness Perk.

Reduced Guardian damage in Hardcore modes.

Zombies Issues Addressed

Addressed an issue where the players could not access the in game store.

Addressed a long black screen issue while players watch the Intro Zombies movie when loading System Link / LAN Party games.

Players will no longer be seen clipping into the concrete when sliding from the Green to Orange building in Theater Mode on Die Rise.

Fixed an issue in Zombies Theater Mode where the Who’s Who swirly vision can be seen for players who are not in the mode when switching from players who are.

Addressed an issue for Split Screen users on Turned Diner in Theater Mode where the eye glow was missing from zombies when viewed in third person and jumping to start.

Disappearing fog addressed in Theater Mode when flying through the laboratory in Tranzit.

Fixed a spawn issue for players in Die Rise that spawn on top of the escape pod after a host migration in a 2+ player game.

Players will no longer be given momentary control of a character before being put into spectator mode when Hot Joining a Custom Game on Nuketown.

Addressed an issue where players had in-game functionality during the loading countdown timer on Tranzit if a Host Migration occurred during the first 5 seconds of a game.

Player names will now appear above players when in spectate mode upon hot joining a custom Grief game mode.

Fixed an issue where Zombies were not spawning in after a Host Migration in a Bus Depot standard match.

Addressed issue where Sliquifier would create too many slippery spots.

Addressed an issue in Turned where Zombie vision would disappear after several host migrations occurred.

Addressed an issue where the players controller would vibrate for a long duration after the player hot joined a game of Tranzit

Resolved several instances in Die Rise where players could jump above a barricades and avoid Zombie attacks.

Resolved several instances in Die Rise where players could hide in objects in the world and avoid Zombie attacks.

Addressed several locations where players can survive a landing in unplayable space.

Fixed an issue in Die Rise where Zombies could not path to players depending on Tramplesteam positioning

Fixed an issue where users could not play the game in offline mode.

Players will now hear announcer dialogue in the Turned game mode.

Addressed an issue where players are able to start a game of turned with only one player.

Resolved several instances where players could avoid Zombie attacks by hiding in objects around Tranzit

Addressed an issue with taking screenshots in Theater mode

Addressed issues with the Buildables system

Addressed issues where players would say the wrong dialogue

Addressed several issues in Die Rise where Zombies had trouble pathing to players.

Addressed an issue where players could jump out of the playable space in Die Rise.

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