Fixes Coming soon to Black Ops 3

David Vonderhaar has taken to twitter mentioning that the Treyarch team are aware of a number of issues relating to Black Ops 3 and that fixes are coming soon.

What are you hoping gets fixed/updated?

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6 Replies to “Fixes Coming soon to Black Ops 3”

  1. It would be great if you could make ps3 have campaign and split screen. Some of us can’t afford a ps4 and a copy of the game for ps4. And include infected. That game mode was amazing.

    1. That’s all said and done. They already stated there will be no campaign for last gen consoles. David Vonderhaar has nothing to do with the team that ported this game to last gen. If you can’t afford current gen consoles, wait on buying bo3 and just save money for a new console. Or stick to playing the older games. Either way, crying about minuscule things that won’t make a difference will not help.

  2. Black ops 3 neverminding all the server issues feels and plays like a playstation 2 game. Reminds me of doom actually. Its just bland and theres not much to the game. A step backward for call of duty in my opinion.

  3. What needs to be fixed…

    The game is crashing after playing a few multiplayer matches. This needs to be fixed.

    The Reticle Challenges on Multiplayer and Zombies for Red Dot Sight, Variable x3, Thermal, and Recon sight attachments are broken. They have been mixed up with the wrong reticles for the challenges.

    The Green Blip notification for the camos on the guns think there’s new camos when there is none. The Thermal Reticle on the Extras Tab is glitched, it thinks there are new reticles when there are none.

    The last Zombie Reticle for all of the sight attachments has been automatically unlocked after this world league update.

    Until this is all fixed, I can’t give this game a good rating.

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