Infinity Ward Hints Modern Warfare 4 in 2016

Infinity Ward have tweeted that 2016 will be “incredible” in the first of a number of tweets wishing everyone a good new year. Infinity Ward most recently developed Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was not well received by the legion of CoD fans. Their next effort is due later this year which many believe will be Call of Duty: Ghosts 2.

Obviously this is a very standard tweet and nothing to really get excited for but the message “lets do this” was a common phrase used in multiplayer mode for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, their first CoD development. Is this a small sign that we are gearing up for another Modern Warfare release? Possibly Modern Warfare 4?

What do you think?

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Should we expect the next Call of Duty at the Xbox 720 reveal?



It doesn’t take a genius to realize Microsoft’s expected next-Xbox event would be the perfect stage for Activision to announce the next installment of its popular first-person shooter franchise. Over the past few years the Xbox 360 has made itself the premiere platform for Call of Duty – mostly because of the exclusive DLC agreement between Microsoft and Activision.

So here we are, mid-April, still no next-gen Xbox and still no Call of Duty. Perhaps that’s because the two will be revealed simultaneously. Keep in mind, this is just a hunch, but it’s one that makes perfect sense.

The fact is, Microsoft needs a flagship title for its next-gen Xbox. Despite the company’s goal of becoming a “central entertainment hub,” the console will still be viewed upon by many as a gaming machine first and foremost. It sure would be a disappointment if Microsoft took the stage and there were no big titles present.

Call of Duty may be a multiplatform game, but it’s absolutely clear the Xbox 360 is home to the majority of its fanbase. A move to the next-gen Xbox is only natural, and with Sony already securing exclusive content rights to Bungie’s Destiny with the PS4, CoD is really the only title that has the star power to really drive console sales. What better way to push a system then exclusive content for one of the world’s most popular games? Sure, there are other popular upcoming games – Battlefield 4, GTA 5 to name two – but both of those have already been revealed. The next Call of Duty is the only one still shrouded in mystery.

Aside from the game’s popularity on the current Xbox, there are other reasons to expect the game’s debut during Microsoft’s event. For starters, the history of Activision’s Call of Duty reveals suggest a May unveiling is imminent. And what is rumored to occur in May? That’s right, the Xbox 720 announcement event.

Activision’s community manager Dan Amrich practically spelled it out for us in this month’s community Q&A. As Amrich pointed out, Activision began talking about Black Ops 2 in early May last year. For Modern Warfare 3, the first previews came out in late May, just a bit ahead of E3. The gist of his post was that Activision will need to announce the next Call of Duty no later than E3.

On May 21, it is expected that Microsoft will announce the Xbox 360’s successor. You see, it all falls in line. May 21 is just a few weeks before E3, the perfect time for two blockbuster reveals – the next Xbox and Call of Duty. By doing so, it will also give both companies plenty of hype heading into what is probably the biggest media event in the gaming industry.

Call of Duty and Xbox is a match made in gaming heaven. The next Call of Duty will be revealed during Microsoft’s next-Xbox reveal event; you heard it here first. Though I’m sure you probably came to this realization on your own months ago.

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New PS Vita Call Of Duty Game Listed On Online Retailer


One of the main problems of the PsVita is the lack of high profile games that can boost the console’s sales all over the world. Luckily this situation is rapidly changing thanks to the efforts of a few developers, bringing some unique titles to the handheld. It looks like things may become even better if the listings on a Chilean online retailer are to be believed: a new PsVita Call Of Duty game could be coming later this year.

This game is simply labeled as Call Of Duty 2013 as of now: it could be a new spin-off of the series or the portable version of the upcoming COD game which should get released later this year on home consoles and Pc.

This is actually quite surprising: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified has received some avarage reviews but, if the listing is true, it must have sold enough for Activision to bring a new COD title to PsVita. A main entry of the series could be something big for the Sony handheld console.

Another interesting listing is present on the Zmart site: Disney Infinity is listed for PsVita as well as on all the other home consoles. The game has already been officially announced a few months ago but a PsVita version wasn’t confirmed. With another Disney themed game like Epic Mickey 2 coming months later its home consoles version, this could be the case of another late PsVita port.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as something new emerges on the matter.

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Does the Future of Call of Duty Look Like This? Activision Unveils Next-Gen Character Rendering

During a recent presentation at this year’s Game Developers Conference, Activision technical director Jorge Jimenez took the stage to unveil and demonstrate the company’s “Next-Generation Character Rendering” technology which, while unlikely to be seen in a Call of Duty near you, is rather impressive nonetheless.

As you can see in the video demonstration and slides below, these photorealistic, digitally created characters display true to life facial expressions and emotions while running at 180 frames per seconds using a Geforce GTX 680.

“For us, the challenge goes beyond entertaining,” said Jimenez. “It’s more about creating a medium for better expressing emotions, and reaching the feelings of the players.”

See for yourself in the video presentation below.

As per the video’s description, “this animated character is being rendered in real-time on current video card hardware, using standard bone animation. The original high resolution data was acquired from Light Stage Facial Scanning and Performance Capture by USC Institute for Creative Technologies, then converted to a 70 bones rig, while preserving the high frequency detail in diffuse, normal and displacement composite maps. It is being rendered in a DirectX11 environment, using advanced techniques to faithfully represent the character’s skin and eyes.”

Though not yet actual gameplay, it’s interesting to see where Activision’s latest tech will take them and whether or not we’ll be seeing high-fidelity characters such as these in a game like Call of Duty any time soon. We can only hope.

In addition, check out the gallery below for some more scary real screens.

Thanks, MP1st reader Cillian Greene.

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Call of Duty 2013 – Modern Warfare 4 To Have Microtransactions?

So Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is set to receive microtransactions and you know how much EA loves them. It looks like Activision is going to be following the same model in the future Call of Duty games as well.

The personalizations that are set to hit Black Ops 2 will cost money and in a way the company could be preparing people for barrage of microtransactions.

EA has done it with Dead Space 3 and has called its detractors “vocal minority”, and has also mentioned that the future is Freemium. So why wouldn’t Activision try to get more money from gamers?

Michael Pachter also said that the company was not monetizing Call of Duty properly and compared it to World of Warcraft where players pay $180 per year.

“[Activision] trained gamers that you can buy a game and play it all year, ten hours a week, forever, and you never have to pay again,” Pachter said. “The World of Warcraft guys are paying $180 a year, and the Call of Duty guys are paying $60. So who’s got a better model?” he asked. (via Wired)

This is a clear indication that the company is trying it out with Black Ops 2 and if successful you know what will happen right? There’s a lot of money to be made from gamers especially dedicated ones who normally play shooting games.

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‘Battlefield 4’ and ‘Modern Warfare 4’ to see major challenge in ‘First Assault’


“Battlefield 4” and “Modern Warfare 4” will be competition enough for each other, but it looks like “Star Wars: First Assault” could be giving the two problems if it is indeed released.

According to a report from Kotaku on Wednesday, inside sources have been leaking out information regarding a potential downloadable multiplayer shooter that is a different take on “Battlefield 4” and “Modern Warfare 4.”

Some new gameplay footage from “Star Wars: First Assault,” which is a title that has not been confirmed, announced and may not even see the light of day, has been leaked from LucasArts.

This game was suppose to be released before “Battlefront III,” as LucasArts was planning to release “First Assault” this coming spring as a downloadable title.

The recent acquisition from Disney though, may have put this title under the axe as the company is still undecided about what they want to do with “Star Wars.” The gameplay footage was apparently from an older version of the game, and is not what is currently at LucasArts.

A source said, “The trailer contains all in-game footage, including known bugs and incomplete art. In the time since it was made, many improvements have been made in performance, completeness, and quality.”

The clips show gameplay in both first and third-person. People also can check out the game’s guns, maneuvers and special abilities.

As noted earlier, there isn’t any clear indication as to what will end up happening with this game, but if it does get released, “Battlefield 4” and “Modern Warfare 4” could have some interesting competition.

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Real or Fake: Examining the ‘Modern Warfare 4′ website

The most unexpected reveal ever

If you enjoy betting on sure things, then place your money on a new Call of Duty title launching later this year. The game series has become a juggernaut this generation and is hoping to have a similar performance on the next-generation consoles as well.

Today, a website went live that teased the announcement of a brand new Call of Duty title. The music and blurry background image would lead you to believe that the game would be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, but is this a tease from Activision or an elaborate hoax?

If we take a look at the source code for the website we’ll immediately see red flags. Activision has done a fantastic job of hinting at each title in the series without allowing certain details to be uncovered fully confirming the name of the series. The CSS, or the stylesheet for the website, isn’t referenced via a file. Instead, it’s shown completely in the main source code which would be a mistake typically done by an amateur website designer or coder.

Within the source code, you’ll also notice numerous mentions to “MW4″ and even a date of “March 21st” for a “reveal”. Again, these are incredibly amateur as no company teasing a reveal would reference multiple files with the game’s acronym. Scan a little further, and you’ll notice that is being used as the site’s analytics tracker. A company such as Activision would use an analytics tool like Google Analytics or Adobe’s Omniture before ever thinking of using a web tool without any deep metric tracking.

Companies such as Activision typically have a 3rd-party that handles their registrations. is registered to James Corney who lists himself as working for Infinity Ward. Scans across LinkedIn & Google show no individual named James Corney working for Infinity Ward, however. The e-mail, which is a Gmail account, is also a giant red flag.

Activision’s typical registrar, Mark Monitor, is nowhere to be found. The monitoring and management of a domain registration wouldn’t be handled by an individual employee at Activision if their previous actions are anything to go by at this point.

Between the amateur coding, poor registration of the domain, and the use of a poor analytics tracker we’re able to very confidently say that this website is fake. An individual looking to pull a prank on the internet should really spend much more time developing a much more believable fake. If anything, it appears that the website is setup as nothing more than to gain attention for this project.

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‘Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4’ Release Date: November 2013 Launch Likely

“MW4” will probably be here in November. But for which system?
Benjamin Franklin once said the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Obviously, this was before the “Call of Duty” franchise existed, or the list would be death, taxes and “COD” sequels. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Activision is planning a fourth quarter “Call of Duty” title for 2013. And, since we just had the “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” launch in November, it seems likely that the next installment in the billion-dollar franchise will be “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.”

Of course, this will put the “FPS” king awfully close to “GTA 5,” leading to a head-to-head matchup for which game will be the biggest seller of 2013. Next gen systems obviously need to be factored in, and many fans are wondering if there will be next gen versions of these blockbusters for the Xbox 720 and Playstation 4. Since it’s likely the next gen systems will be launched around November, it only makes sense for fans to want the year’s hottest games on the year’s newest consoles.

And, unlike “GTA,” Activision has yet to officially confirm a release date for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.” All we have to go is a statement to investors that says they plan on doing a game, but no specifics on which game they want to do or which system they want it on. It’s worth noting that “Call of Duty 2” was a launch title for the Xbox 360 back in 2005, so the legacy for another launch title is there. And given the franchise’s exclusivity deal with Microsoft, fans have to wonder if the PS4 will be the backseat console for fresh “COD” content once again.

One rumor that is particularly interesting surrounding the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4” release date is the possibility it will be pre-sold as a digital download. According to the Examiner, Activision surveyed fans to gauge their interest in being able to pre-order “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4” and download the full game before the release date. Preorder customers would get an activation code they could enter at midnight and start playing the game. I admit, this sounds like a good idea. But anyone who has ever had to deal with either Xbox LIVE or PSN knows these online services aren’t exactly rock-solid, so it’s hard to imagine the undedicated servers being able to handle 8 million plus gamers logging in at the stroke of midnight on the release date.

Hopefully, Activision will have some more details in the coming weeks, especially since Sony is expected to officially announce the PS4 on Feb. 20. Microsoft will likely announce the 720 shortly thereafter, and this year’s E3 should give us plenty of information on all three.

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Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) on Steam Box?


We haven’t heard any details on the rumored Modern Warfare 4 game for a while, but we have two snippets of information that you should definitely take notice of. The first is regarding a dubious Modern Warfare 4 beta scam that is currently in circulation online, while the second is a lot more official, with developers Infinity Ward revealing a rather strange teaser on Twitter.

We start with a word of warning for those of you who are desperate to find news on a Modern Warfare 4 beta. You should be aware by now that there isn’t one and if there ever was, it would be internal or closed only as we have seen with previous Call of Duty games in the build up to launch.

Considering Modern Warfare 4 hasn’t even been officially unwrapped by Activision yet, we find it hard to believe that scammers are already trying to dupe users into believing that beta signups are already available. Unfortunately, that is what is going on at the moment if you head to – an unofficial website not connected to either Infinity Ward or Activision that just tries to steal your personal information.

The guys over at Fusible have discovered that the domain of the website doesn’t even belong to anyone officially connected with the game, but rather a single person who is just trying to deceive users for their own personal gain. We have seen the same process happen with the likes of Halo, so it goes without saying that you should not be fooled by any such website.

Moving on, Infinity Ward has posted something interesting on their Twitter page, showing an image of what looks to be the recently unveiled Xi3 Steam Box – only this time it has Infinity Ward’s logo on it. The developer isn’t saying anything else for now, but speculation has already begun on what it could possibly mean, and if it is linked to the inevitable Modern Warfare 4 or not.

Perhaps the PC will now have a much more prominent role in the next Call of Duty game, or if the Xi3 box has some exclusive features attached to it? Infinity Ward has Tweeted the picture though, so something is definitely going down. We’ll bring you an update on this when we can. Beware of any beta scams.

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